Born out of a desire to do better & be better. We created Win Win Water after fully understanding the effects of plastic on our planet and the effects of poor water quality on our body. It is always difficult to forward-think massive change on a large scale but, we asked ourselves what are we doing to contribute? To change your world you must change yourself. To do better we must be better, that is our mission to change your world one bottle at a time.


Hydrate Consciously: At Win Win Water, our vision is to redefine the bottled water industry through innovation and sustainability. We are committed to providing the world with pure, 7.4 pH natural alkaline water while minimising our environmental footprint. Our 100% plant-based bottles and toxin-free production processes exemplify our dedication to preserving our planet for generations to come. With each sip of Win Win Water, you're not just hydrating, you're contributing to a greener, healthier planet.


We want to make lasting change in communities by impacting peoples health & wellbeing. As a product we aim to improve mineral deficiency and offer a more sustainable future than PET plastic bottles. Many studies show that lack of community is detrimental to a person's health & wellbeing , with this is in mind we aim to build our communitie as we build our company. Click the link below to learn more about our community walks, charitable events & empowerment events. Check out our homepage for a list of the upcoming events.


We & the suppliers we work with adopt practices that minimise the negative impact on the environment. All of our product packaging contains 100% organic biomaterials and we prioritise fair trade ethical practices. Our end goal remains to ensure everyone on the planet has access to high quality water, but how we get there matters to us.

We plan to grow organically and at our own pace to mainain healthy & clean relationships with our customers and suppliers throughout our growth.


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Joanna Wilson
Customer Relations 
Haitham Salem
Creative Director
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Sales Director